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Trade Association

The LPHCA was formed in the late Eighties to represent Private Hire Operators (initially in London) but now throughout England and Wales.

A decision was taken in the early nineties to reform it and run it as a Limited Company as it was losing money, as had most of the preceding Private Hire Trade Associations.

Just 12 founding members were left and they elected Steve Wright as Chairman with a mandate to let a limited company (LPHCA Ltd) look after the interests of Private Hire Operator Members and their drivers.

London was unlicensed so a major priority was to get that anomaly sorted out and alongside fellow LPHCA Member Eddie Townson and the late Diana Lamplugh OBE (of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust) they fought successfully to get London Licensed in 1998.

One of the key strategies was to ‘Self Regulate’ in the absence of legislation via a ‘Grading System’ that assessed Operators in the absence of legislation.

This idea was very well received particularly by London and Transport Minister Steven Norris MP who gave the ‘Grading System’ his full support and backing.  Over 3,000 Grading assessments have been carried out since and the system is so popular it is currently being updated towards a certificate of professional competence.

Following Licensing in London the LPHCA has worked tirelessly to make improvements for Member Operators and their Drivers in London.  The LPHCA has secured Congestion Charge exemption, Red Route Ticket exemptions, parking concessions and also assisted hundreds of Member Operators and their Drivers when in difficulty with licensing and legal matters, both as an arbitrator and where necessary in the courts, very successfully.

The LPHCA has also successfully prevented unwanted requirements and restrictions for London Operators like extra Driver Standard Agency and Knowledge tests, which have been inflicted on Licensed Operators outside of London. News of what had been achieved in London spread outside the capital and the LPHCA now boasts an ever increasing number of ‘Out of London’ Members and we have a National Committee that works specifically on National Issues.

One of the actions of that committee was to engage with the Law Commission to discuss the difficulties that are caused by having over 350 sets of regulatory authorities outside of London.  Issues such as the ridiculous ‘cross border’ restrictive practices and the inability to sub-contract to another Licensed Operator in another Licensing Authority are being challenged, the LPHCA having successfully prevented them coming into the London Regulations.

The LPHCA has given evidence to the Transport Committee in Parliament and submitted a substantial response to the Law Commission’s consultation on the modernising of Taxi & Private Hire regulations in England and Wales. Whilst a great deal more of The LPHCA’s work has been focussed ‘Nationally’ the association continues to battle for its Members in London where poor requirements are sometimes proposed or even introduced without proper consultation and dialogue.

Regrettably it has been necessary to support Members in the Courts but the LPHCA has done so with 100% success and will continue to do so wherever poor policy and regulation or its poor introduction is steamrollered through by regulators without considering properly the regulatory impact of their actions.

We do not charge for this and do not seek to gain from the misery of our Members when in difficulties and our work and endeavours are all part of the benefits of Membership.

The LPHCA is absolutely committed to modern ‘fit for purpose’ regulations that are not bureaucratic and that are absolutely necessary, furthermore that do not duplicate other regulatory measures.

The LPHCA is also committed to removing the activity of illegal touting and bogus cabs by sensible measures with appropriate punishments for those committing this criminal and dangerous activity.

In early 2013 we had a complete review of the LPHCA Membership tiers, which has enabled Operators to join at more affordable levels. We also offer special discounts for Membership packages paid for by standing order, as this helps us to reduce administrative costs.

For more information on the membership tiers and how to join online please click here, call 01442 833483 or alternatively email LPHCA@btinternet.com.