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Special Industry Links


Altirium - www.altirium.co.uk - Altirium are proud to provide data recovery, data conversion, governance and compliance support services to individuals, small to medium sized business, right up to large corporations. Altirium's data recovery and data conversion specialists have dealt with customers the world over and have successfully performed major data management projects both in the UK and on-site in the US and Europe.

Bowberry House Design

Bowberry House Design - www.bowberryhouse.co.uk - Specialising in educational publishing but with a proven track record in many fields for over 16 years, from advertising and corporate identity, through to illustration and promotional material,bowberry house design handles a diverse range of design and illustration work for print and new media.


Croner - www.croner.co.uk - From business advice & consultancy to online or printed information and software solutions, helping you to comply with the legal requirements relevant to your organisation.


TfL TPH - https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/taxis-and-private-hire/ - The role of Transport for London - Taxi and Private Hire includes the licensing of taxi and private hire services in London.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Suzy Lamplugh Trust - www.suzylamplugh.org - The only UK charity entirely devoted to providing everyone in society with the practical support and personal safety guidance they need to reduce their fear of crime and develop skills and strategies for keeping themselves safe.

Travis Morley Associates

Travis Morley Associates - www.travismorley.co.uk - Travis Morley Associates are an expert legal consultancy who supplies its “tried, tested and proven” services across the United Kingdom. They are committed to the provision of specialist legal services in Licensing Law and Contract Law, which always deliver in quality and meet all the needs of their clients.

Zenergy Computing

Zenergy Computing - www.zenergycomputing.com - Liam and Zenergy Computing have been providing support to the LPHCA, our members and all sized Private Hire companies for many years. Zenergy help with computer installation, networking, email, websites and getting various bits of kit to work with your system and can help you to hook up with services like CapOperator.