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After attending one of the LPHCA Ďopen eveningsí in Euston in 2003, my husband and I (Pam and Mithat Coskun) having bought Samís Cars in 2002, considered joining the LPHCA and became members.

We joined the association at a very exciting time, just a few years after licensing with the realisation that there was so much still to do regarding drivers and vehicle licensing, parking, red routes, bus lanes, vehicle testing, the list became endless.

We realised very quickly that a central body was needed to have a voice with the PCO and others to put the operators and drivers case forward. We have seen the LPHCA become extremely professional and the Chairman Steve and his team of willing helpers, together with the various individual committees now set up to deal with specific areas within our industry, are fulfilling a very needy position and voice in our Industry.

Samís Cars has enjoyed being part of the Association and its growth and have benefited from being a Platinum Member as we now provide transport for several local authorities. We have been lucky in expanding our core business in difficult times.

LPHCA professional advisors have helped us with a legal matter, together with various professional industry suppliers. Steve is always there to impart his great expertise in our industry.

Lastly and most importantly we do not feel alone trying to survive as we have made many friends networking with our fellow members and colleagues in our industry, which has come a long way in the past 10 years. Congratulations on your 50th edition of the Private Hire News Magazine.

Pam R Coskun

Company Secretary, Samís Cars Ltd

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