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Industry News

Most of the industry news that hits the LPHCA office goes to one of three places;

1) LPHCA Members E-Newsletters - We send out regular LPHCA Members E-Alerts to our Members, containing useful information exclusive to them as one of the benefits of membership.

If you wish to find out more information about becoming a Member, click here.

2) Private Hire News Magazine - Private Hire News is the industry news magazine that's produced by the LPHCA. It's a free quarterly publication that anybody can subscribe to either via receiving a posted paper copy, our environmentally friendly electronic version which is sent via e-mail or you can sign up to receive both (if required).

If you wish to subscribe to Private Hire News Magazine, or for more information, click here.

3) Twitter - We will also distribute industy information via our LPHCA Twitter feed. This can be seen by anyone and is a method of communicating with many other people.

If you wish to see our Twitter feed or 'follow us' click here.