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New Industry Recruitment website HireRewardJobs is backed by the Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) and TheChauffeur.com because of the many unfilled vacancies and job opportunities in the Chauffeur & Executive, Courier, Minicab and Taxi Industries.

The HireRewardJobs website gives job applicants and the industry one place to look for employees or employment, making it much easier for everyone.

The launch of HireRewardJobs gives the opportunity for potential staff to browse through the latest industry positions on a computer or mobile device.

Hire Reward Jobs

When positions are advertised on HireRewardJobs, they will get massive coverage as all adverts are promoted through social networking pages as well as via email.

Jobs can also be listed in a full A4 Colour Page format online, in the digital version of the Private Hire News recruitment supplement, which gives massive coverage and concise information on the many vacancies.

LPHCA Members are entitled to a special 25% discount on the various different job packages on HireRewardJobs, for more information on how to obtain this please visit the member’s only area (you can do this by clicking here).

25% Discount for LPHCA Members!

To visit www.HireRewardJobs.co.uk please click here