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Best Car Service Ltd. always has, and always will support the LPHCA in its endeavours to forward the private hire operators working within the industry.

We joined the association in its infancy and have been surprised by how much effort both Steve, and his other fellow workers have put into this most necessary of organisations for our industry.

Before the formulation of the LPHCA, many things to operators such as us would have been deemed impossible, but, with the help and support given by its members to the association, they not only now seem possible, but many of our needs have already been realised.

We should thank Steve and his fellow co-workers for not only running the LPHCA, but also for their help and assistance in trying to promote the Private Hire Industry for what it is, a multimillion pound industry that supplies thousands of customers with a safe, reliable form of transport.

We should also realise that the association can only exist with our support. I remember upon the introduction of the legislation, many members left as they now thought they had what they wanted. How wrong can you be?

The LPHCA is an organisation that continues to improve our lot, fighting for what we need, providing help when required, but most of all, giving us a voice for our industry where it is needed.

We have suffered agony over planning permission for nearly five years. Finally this year, we obtained our planning consent.

Both Steve and the LPHCA have been totally behind us all the way, and at one time, Steve even took time out from his busy schedule to attend one of our planning hearings. You cannot buy that for gold.

For as long as I own this company, both Steve and the LPHCA, will continue to receive my support, both verbally, and financially as without them, I fear our industry will go backwards, rather than forward.

Roland Blanks

Managing Director, Best Cars

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